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Chapter 19 : Whats Yours Is Mine…

Jaelyn :

Last night was the worst. After the arguement I try to go to sleep but all I did was toss and turn. I rolled over on Tyga side of the bed and felt something hard. I lifted up the cover and seen small feet. I took the cover all the way off and to see Julianne smiling at me. 

"Auntie Jae" Julianne squealed 

I gave a her bear hug and kissed her cheek. How did she get here and when. If Julianne was her that mean Madison was here. I swooped Julianne in my arms and went down to the front room. Madison Gui and Tyga was sitting on the couch. 

"Madison what are you doing here" I said hugging her

"I got a call from a little birdie" Madison said looking over at Tyga

Gui got up and grabbed Julianne’s hand “I’ll take the kids out for breakfast”

I walked to the kitchen and sat at the island. Tyga stood on the opposite of me and Madison was between us. We sat there quiet. Madison looked from Tyga to me and kissed her teeth. 

"Whats wrong with you guys, yall use to be so happy" Madison said throwing her hands up

"Did Michael tell you he got another girl pregnant" I said 

"Its not for sure its mine baby. I told you Im sorry" Tyga said 

"Wait hold on Mike. You cheated on Jaelyn what is wrong with you. You acting like daddy" Madison fussed

Tyga slammed his fist against the island making me job. He started pacing back and forth rubbing his hand over his head. 

"Im not trying to be like him. I more of than he ever was. I fucking love Jaelyn and I feel like shit for the things I did to her" Tyga said on the verge of tears 

"If you love me Michael why did you fuck her. Tell me why did you fuck her" I screamed crying

Madison pulled me into a hug. Whenever Madison came go visit all the bottled up feelings came out. Tyga sat down at the island and buried his face in his hands. He wiped his eyes and looked at me. 

"I never meant to hurt you Jaelyn. I love you more than anything in this world, I just wasnt thinking about your feelings" Tyga said holding his head down

"We lacking commuincation Tyga and thats not healthy. You almost lost me because of OUR mistakes" I said 

Tyga reached over and held my hand. I dont want our marriage to go all the way down hill. I know me and Tyga was going to fix things. A change doesnt come overnight, it takes time. With the Madison’s help we will be back to normal. 

Tyga :

After the sit down with Madison me and Gui went to meet up with the boys. Mijo and Breezy gave Gui a half hug and a quick dap. We sat at the table and started to roll up. Kassidy walked into the room and dapped me. 

"Yo Kass this my brother in law Gui, Gui this Kassidy" I said introducing them

Gui extended his hand but Kassidy grilled him. Gui looked Kassidy up and down and sat back down in his chair. I pulled Kassidy back walking him to the other room. I wasnt about to let shit pop off between them.  

"Yo Kassidy what the fuck was that in the other room" I asked 

"That bloodclot, I dont trust em" Kassidy said going into the fridge

"Nigga you dont even know him" I said kissing my teeth

Kassidy looked at me and left out the kitchen. Something was up with this nigga. He been acting like a bitch since the Haitians met up with us. Kassidy barely talked now and if he did it was about when the Haitians was coming back. I walked back into the front room. Breezy nodded his head and I just shrugged my shoulders. 

"Whats up with dude" Gui asked hitting the blunt

"I dont know man, but its something. Yo Alex can you get some dirt on Kass"

"Yeah bro no problem. Im out anyways London just texted saying she horny. Know what that means". Alex said walking off

After Alex left we started talking to Gui. Him and Madison decided to move back from Cali to be close to us again. Ever since Grandma Marie passed away a couple of years ago Madison been really depressed in away. There was time when she called me and Jae in the middle of the night crying. Thats was amped up Madison to become a therapist. 

"Yo Ty Mila told me some crazy shit last night. She said the bitch cheated with is the same bitch Bree caught Breezy in the bed with" Mijo said 

I looked over at Breezy and he stared back at me. This was some crazy shit. I got up from my seat and started pacing back in forth. I put my hands on the back of the chair and thought about the whole sistuation. 

"She’s pregnant and it might be mine or yours Breezy"


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